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PITS Rugby Supports PHS Football – Go Highlanders!

PITS and PHS footballThe PITS Rugby 15 Trivia Test

as seen in the

2015 PHS Football Media Guide

(by Coach Ned Schroeder)


  1.  Q:  Before next year’s Olympics, when was the last time rugby was an Olympic Sport?
A:  1924 in Paris, France
  2.  Q:  When rugby was an Olympic sport, which country took home the gold medal?
A:  The United States defeated France for the gold in 1924.
  3. Q:   Before last year, what year did PHS Football team go undefeated?
A:  1976, the Bicentennial year.
  4.  Q:  What year was PITS founded?
A:  1979
  5.  Q:  What Rugby team plays at Witter field? (This is a trick question.)
A:  Both PITS Rugby and the Cal Bears play at Witter Field. The Cal field is also known as Witter.
  6.  Q:  In Rugby’s World Cup, which nations have won the tournament while also hosting it?
A:  New Zealand (twice) and South Africa.
  7.  Q:  Where is the Rugby World Cup being played this year?
A:  London, England
  8.  Q:  What is the mascot for the national team for USA Rugby?
A:  Eagles
  9.  Q:  What year did USA Rugby field a team for the very first time (they played Australia)?
A:  The USA national team played its first international match on November 16, 1912 against Australia in Berkeley, California.
 10.  Q:  How many players per team in a game of rugby?
A:  15, unless they are playing “7’s,” then it’s 7 per side.
 11.  Q:  The game of rugby originated back in 1823 in Warcwickshire, England. What was the  name of the school where rugby began?
A:  Rugby College
 12.  Q:  In football, the Highlanders score touchdowns; in rugby, the PITS players score what?
A:  A try.
 13.  Q:  All of the World Cups in rugby have been won by teams from the Southern Hemisphere, except for one country.  Which country in the North has won the World Cup?
A:  England triumphed over Australia in 2003.
 14:  Q:  What PHS/PITS alum is now the head rugby coach of the Black Knights at West Point?
A:  Matt Sherman.
     Now that you are interested in rugby or are the parent of a PHS student interested in playing this exciting game, contact Ned Schroeder at